Hezekiah is the thrilling first entry in a new series by author Corvin Runda. 

Hez is a young boy who has grown up abused and controlled by his family and their destructive religion. His own mother has decided he is the cause of all evil in the world. The adults around him avert their eyes and refuse to acknowledge his situation. 

Over time, Hez realizes he has abilities that set him apart from others. Slowly he begins to experience freewill and chooses to experiment and learn about what he can do. Hez begins visiting other realms with powerful beings he can call on for protection and friendship. He can also push to the future, though he does not always understand what he sees.

Following a destructive experiment that nearly levels his small town, and then his capture at the hands of Gods Own, Hez learns that he is not the only person with incredible abilities. He must decide whether he can trust those he meets and aid them in a war he did not know existed or remain isolated and in hiding.

Hez's story explores themes of abuse and mental illness. At what point is a person not responsible for their actions?

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